Roof Mounted Sat TV

Satellite Television - The Latest in Flat-Panel Design

The New 2016 release of the
Satking Promax is now clearly the market leader with guaranteed Australia waide measured coverage. New Control Unit with 5 New Special Function Hi tech features:  Satking Pro Max Special Pricing $3495... Normally Retailing for $3795

When it comes to satellite television systems, if you want the very latest in fully-automatic, flat panel design that delivers coverage across most of Australia, you'll want the SatKing Pro Max. Unlike traditional dish set-ups, the Pro Max is compact enough to require minimal roof space and features fast auto alignment with built-in GPS for quick satellite location. "Coaxial only" cables marks Installation a breeze. The SatKing Pro Max is simple to use and comes pre-programmed to support VAST and Foxtel services. It can be self-installed and has automatic retraction when your vehicle starts or exceeds 10kph.

Roof Mounted Dish Type

Campersat roof-mounted satellite TV products have been specifically designed and made for Australian conditions.

Videosat Pty Ltd, an Australian company with over 20 years experience in supplying satellite systems, design and manufacture the award-winning Campersat EasySeek, a fixed satellite system for motorhomes and caravans and winner of the 2002 CCIA Most Innovative Product of the Year Award.

This same award-winning expertise brings you additional Campersat models, such as our new fully automatic SNIPE product which can be roof-mounted or used as a portable satellite system.

Campersat Automatic Satellite TV

Campersat’s automatic satellite TV family includes products that are electrically operated and self-seek to lock on to satellite and stows down flat when not used or for traveling.
A key element in automation for the Australian operation is the necessity to ensure proper receivers are used for each of the services. A key element of Campersat technical specification is the ability of Campersat equipment to be fully compatible with the dish electronics and the associated satellite receiver and decoder issues such as:

  • Pay TV operators Foxtel and Austar's implementation of services on the new Optus D series satellites requires receiving equipment to be able to receive signals from either C1 or D3. All Foxtel and Austar require appropriate configuration.
  • Campersat automatic products are fitted with the appropriate LNB for your use so, if you are taking Foxtel or Austar satellite receiver and card with you, you will be assured you will get all the channels you have paid for. This facility is ignored by some European imports using outdated European electronics.
  • Campersat Automatic products are 12v-powered with no current draw when locked onto satellite. The only power consumed is by the TV set and the appropriate satellite receiver.

When it comes to satellite TV systems you can't go past the new SatKing Pro Max - The latest in Flat Panel design that delivers coverage over most of Australia.

Unlike traditional dish setups the Pro Max is compact enough to require  minimul roof space and featues fast auto alignment with built in GPS for quick satellite location.
"Coaxial Only" cables makes instalation a Breeze

The Satking Promax is simple to use and comes pre-programmed to support VAST and Foxtel services. It can be self installed and has automatic retraction whne you vericle starts or exceeds 10kph.

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