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Welcome to Campersat!

Campersat is one of Australia’s leading providers of satellite TV for people on the move.  

Wanting satellite TV for your home? Visit  Videosat



NEW!! Check out the innovative new technology - SNIPE portable satellite

Both snipe Single and Snipe Twin are now sold out.  See information about refurbished Units.


Traveling by motorhome, caravan, campervan, trailer, truck, 4WD, tent, or houseboat? Then the Campersat product range has something for you!

Campersat fully supports the new VAST government- funded free-to-air digital network, as well as existing Foxtel or Austar satellite customers.

Just take your box and card with you on your travels, or order an additional box and card for your existing installation.

Campersat products are sourced by Videosat Pty Ltd. Where appropriate, to improve usability, Campersat does provide improvements with some addtional manufaturing and assembly.


We offer more than just a variety of satellite TV reception systems. We can provide satellite telephones and internet connection devices:




We specialize in supplying satellite phones and complete satellite systems for self-installation. 
We encourage our customers to install their own systems, saving them in expensive callout and installation charges. 

Our nationwide network of satisfied customers come from all walks of life and has successfully self-installed their satellite TV systems.  

You can rest assured that we will provide reliable, helpful advice and prompt, efficient service.


For more information, call 02 9484 0100 or email us at enquiries@campersat.com.au





Buy any of our Isatphone Pro Refurbished for $695 or Isatphone Pro (Brand New) for $995.Place your order today until the end of the show on the 29th of April, Sunday to take advantage of the BIG discount!

Stay Safe....

"ALWAYS...carry a means of calling for help...AND Keep it within Reach..."

Isatphone Pro Refurbished >> Click Here

Isatphone Pro Brand New >> Click Here

Isatphone 2  Brand New >> Click Here

Isatphone Pro out of manufacture! The good news is we have have 2 only left and we doubt our ability to get any more.

click here for link to purchase our Isatphone Pack with full new manufacturers warranty. This link will be taken down as soon as sold.

Important announcement from Inmarsat about Updates to Prepaid Voucher conditions:

  • New Extension voucher to extend air time of any current voucher click here
  • 50 Unit vouchers have validity of 30 days.  Order now click here
  • 100 Unit vouchers have validity reduced of 90 days.
    Order now click here

New Snipe Units are now out of stock. Call for alternatives

At time of this post, January 2016 we have no firm delivery dates of new snipes in either single or Twin LNB configurations from the importers. -  Selfsat Australia.

Existing Snipes in the field will be serviced from our Thornleigh Faciliity.  See details on the snipe page click here.

Right now we have a very limited number of refurbished twin Snipes available for sale. These are units that we have refurbished from either used or factory service stock. These may be ordered as available. Best to order and we will confirm delivery.


Now instore - New VAST receiver by SatKing

Full Digital Australian Service + HD
Available as receiver with smart card
Optional 12v lead for on the move
New Satking sensor allows caravan and motorhomers to put their Satking receiver away in a cupboard out of sight.

New to Australia!! SNIPE flat panel satellite

Just arrived! New external antenna for iSatPhone

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