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Internet Products

For travellers the key issue for internet access is speed and performance versus cost.

In general broadband Internet is reserved for commercial users as the myriad of things that must be in place for it to happen means

  • Moderate dish sizes
  • High pointing accuracy
  • Considerable constraints on control to make sure satellite transmit signals are only transmitted from the vehicle rooftop when it is safe to do so and it will not interfere with either terrestrial systems or other satellites.

Internet on the move can be Portable or Roof Mounted. Full list of products can be found in our online store.

Products range from the top of the range Campernet Satellite Broadband package 2701, full mobile broadband, through internet/phone/fax systems, to email/internet and email only systems.

There are a number of options for the traveller.

  • Go to an Internet cafe. Don't knock it - It is often the only real way without breaking the bank.

  • If you are in mobile phone range of CDMA then proper equipment, properly designed to work in Motorhomes, and caravans is a reasonable go - Yes it is not Satellite, so it does have limitations.

  • If you need Internet outside the range of mobile CDMA network then it is a case of careful consideration of your needs as over specifying needs will break the bank of even the big guys. Don't believe stories about equipment being Internet ready. Do you homework diligently.

  • While we are at it, new services such as 'Next Generation' or 3 G will not get to where CDMA is now for a long time to come, so take any sales pitch with a grain of salt.

  • Consider a Inmarsatt Satellite Phone for low speed brief (sms type) messages.

Please browse our range and contact us if you require more infomation on choosing the right product.






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