Portable Satelite TV

Portables Satellite Systems

Campersat portable systems have been designed for easy and affordable access to satellite TV.

We have two Models:

  • Easy Traveller Tripod Mount
  • Dish-in-Bag Portable Ground mount.

Each model is avaiable in 4 Configurations:

  • Standard using Standard Test meter
  • Professional using Digital high performance test meter.
  • Standard with Twin LNB and twin siamese cable for Foxtel IQ or Austar Mystar.
  • Professional with Twin LNB and twin siamese cable for Foxtel IQ or Austar Mystar.

Order Satellite VAST Receiver separately if needed.

For example, each kit contains:

  • 75 cm satellite dish - the user-nominated combination for Australia-wide reception & manageable size
  • Purpose-built mount designed for easy tuning & operation
  • Dual polarity wideband LNB (either Single or Twin) for new Pay TV compatibility
  • 12m RG6 coaxial cable. The system will work with up to 80m of cable
  • Optional 7761 Direct Connector Entry Gland.
  • Test meter - Easy to use test meter helps you find the satellite in minutes, easily removable
  • Easy to follow instruction manual & Finding the Satellite Guide - a handy laminated three-step guide to help you locate the satellite in minutes no matter where you are in Australia.

All our systems are designed for portability and ease of use. The manual controls for elevation & direction can be operated easily and require no tools - no fiddling with spanners & screwdrivers. Our dishes feature a folding or removable LNB arm which simplifies setup and storage. All components are designed for traveling in Australian conditions

Our Portable range of satellite systems provide exceptional quality TV and radio reception Australia-wide when used in conjuction with a VAST receiver or your own PayTV satellite receiver and is designed to suit the discerning traveler for use with your mobile home, campervan, caravan, 4WD or tent. Easy to set up, simple to use, big enough for great reception, (even in weak signal areas), yet small enough to stow!

Designed with the needs of wandering travellers in mind, all the models in this range are portable and have been designed for quick and easy set up and dismantling.

The Campersat Portable range supplied by Videosat Pty Ltd, an Australian company with over 30 years experience in supplying satellite systems.

Visit our online store to view the models available.

Dish Size

Campersat provides the most appropriate dish size considering usage and convenience.

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satellite television receiver

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