About Us

Why Campersat is your logical choice for Satellite system Purchase.


Campersat is family owned for 33 years and started when Aussat was born and Australia had its first Satellite.

In those days our dishes were large and you were only offered ABC.


As a niche Satellite only supplier, we supply direct to the customer and liaise with individual needs so that you get the correct hardware configuration. This means it works!!!  And you can always get help.

 We have now migrated over all these years to a fully-fledged Satellite Digital Service with a full suite of Capital City TV and radio channels plus more than 20 specific regional news channels... And with a minimum of 1 channel of each service in Full HD

We also have a Satellite Delivered Pay Service on the same satellites as VAST. This means you can take your satellite pay box with you. Foxtel have now launched 4K definition in addition HD service for that Great UHD experience.

Same for the increased use of satellite phones for unparalled  piece of mind and no monthly charges and Guaranteed 000 connection.

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