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Campersat is one of Australia’s leading providers of satellite TV for people on the move. 

SATKING PROMAX - Australia’s Most Advanced and Fully Automatic Motorised Satellite TV System


Traveling by motorhome, caravan, campervan, trailer, truck, 4WD, tent, or houseboat? Then the Campersat product range has something for you!

Campersat fully supports the new VAST government- funded free-to-air digital network, as well as existing Foxtel or Austar satellite customers.

We offer more than just a variety of satellite TV reception systems. We can provide satellite telephones and internet connection devices:

  • Satellite telephones
  • VAST (Viewer Access Satellite Television) systems
  • Roof top systems - mounted dish systems
  • Portable dishes - set up to use and store away when not in use
  • Internet products

Just take your box and card with you on your travels, or order an additional box and card for your existing installation.

Campersat products are sourced by Videosat Pty Ltd. Where appropriate, to improve usability, Campersat does provide improvements with some additional manufacturing and assembly.


We specialize in supplying satellite phones and complete satellite systems for self-installation.

We encourage our customers to install their own systems, saving them in expensive call-out and installation charges.

Our nationwide network of satisfied customers come from all walks of life and has successfully self-installed their satellite TV systems.

You can rest assured that we will provide reliable, helpful advice and prompt, efficient service.


Foxtel Introduces new 4K service.Foxtel's new 4K ultra high definition channels commence in October 2018. All Campersat Twin LNB products are fully 4K compatible. See our flagship Campersat Satking Promax for fully automatic satellite reception of your Foxtel services. Take your Box with you for Australia Wide reception. Click here


This product allows the SatKing DVBS2-980CA Twin Tuner VAST receiver to connect wirelessly to your router or a WiFi connection. Simply insert the USB into one of the 2 USB ports on the rear of the receiver, go into the main menu-settings-network setup and tick wireless. The receiver will then scan the available networks, select your preferred network and enter the network password if the network is password protected. The SatKing DVBS2-980CA can only work with this device, no other dongle will work. Also note this dongle will not allow the DVBS2-800CA to access the internet. CLICK HERE

CAMPERSAT's Newest Satking Twin Tuner Vast Introductory Price: $295.00


For more information about the new Satking Vast >> Click Here

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Isatphone 2  Brand New >> Click Here    


RRP $3795 Satking Promax Automatic Roof Top-12V

RRP $3795 Satking Promax Automatic Roof Top-12V

All Foxtel Satellite Models Ready. Take Your Foxtel With You with you!New Flat Panel Technology 3 Yrs WarrrantyMeasured Australia wide Coverage.As measured operates Australia Wide for VAST and Pay. Twin LNB  for Pay TV use. Suits Caravan or Motor Home.  For Reception of VAST Services add to order VAST Pack 3SATK-VAST-TWIN..


Twin Tuner VAST SatKing Rx Model 980CA Inc. Smart Card  Disounted from RRP of $399

Twin Tuner VAST SatKing Rx Model 980CA Inc. Smart Card Disounted from RRP of $399

Full Digital Aust Service+ High DefPVR Ready and Freeview Plus ActiveMust Register as Fixed or TravellerSupply has been in drought for some time.We are pleased that the market leading product is now back in stock .Recording capability - use  separate Hard drive or thumb drive. Click here  For wireless operation on the Internet use  Satking dedicated Dongle Your SatKing Vast product is now Top of the list.Save yourself time and energy. See Home or Travel Pack for VAST register..


Satellite Phone Inmarsat ISatPhone2 Including standard accessories  RRP$1695

Satellite Phone Inmarsat ISatPhone2 Including standard accessories RRP$1695

Pack incl. Sim - Holster & connectWarranty 12 monthsOrder Prepaid Airtime Separately -4130-voucher-xxSpecial price whilst stock last, ends on 25th of July This product and related configuration operate on the Inmarsat ISatPhone  Network. The phone is hand Held Portable and is available with a Prepaid account allowing affordable operation for casual travelers...


Satellite Phone ISatPhone Pro Pack Previously used - Refurbished

Satellite Phone ISatPhone Pro Pack Previously used - Refurbished

Pack Includes Sim and Case &connectOrder Prepaid Airtime Separately -4130-voucher-xx Warranty 3 monthsThis used phone pack is functionally the same as new and is available on as  they happen and is always subject to prior sale. If this is for you call  immediatly to check availability. Price may vary depending on condition. ..