Customer Care

Videosat and the Campersat division have introduced a new customer care process.

There are a number of events that led us to devise the correct support to all our lifelong customers.

These events include:

•  The stepping up of counter piracy procedures by Optus

•  The tightening up of commercial broadcasters with regard to their service area and the administration of the access to their service

•  The need for us to provide ongoing support for existing products in the field, including the change of usage patterns. Each of our customers has different needs.

•  The rapid increase of product in the field and the various levels of complexity of use

•  The increase in number of program providers.

Two levels of support service are now being offered:

Standard support via our website

This support is provided, where possible, to all our customers for products we have provided. This includes any product currently in use regardless of age.

•  Customers submit a query via our website or email. Customers will need to enter their basic details, including e-mail address, product detail and query. Please include in the subject line customer care

•  Our support team will endeavor to assist where possible. There is no charge for this service. If the email query is complicated, customers may be asked to subscribe to our Customer Care Program or return the product for service if necessary.

•  This support is for product and product usage. Matters concerning the relevant broadcasters should be addressed to their respective support network.

Customer Care Program

This support is a subscription service and will include all services in our standard support. Additional inclusions are:

Requests for support can be logged via:

•  email requesting callback on fixed or Australian mobile number

•  telephone 02 9484 0100

Quoting number, name location, support registration information, and best time to call

•  Support will be provided to troubleshoot problems and issues with product and access to services. Support will provide helpful hints and diagnostic assistance.

•  Support will be available to customers of competitors' products on payment of subscription at the company's discretion.

In this situation, we can only provide generic support when it comes to specific product models whilst our team has wide experience, the issues with specific receivers or hardware may be outside our detailed knowledge.

•  We will handle on your behalf VAST registration and maintenance of your access. This includes liaising with VAST periodically to maintain entitled services. Remember, broadcasters are very specific, and if not handled correctly, may mean loss of access.

•  Where appropriate, office appointments may be made if face-to-face support is needed.

•  Support may require escalation to senior members of our team. This support may require return phone or email assistance.

•  Support is given in good faith and reasonable usage policy is expected.

•  Specific hardware or firmware issues may require product to be sent in for service.

•  In general, support is offered on a 10am - 5pm, 5-day basis, however, it is appreciated customers may need support at other times. Messages can be left outside these hours, however, we recommend emailing with detailed information so your problems can be sorted out in a more timely manner.

Our office staff are equipped to handle standard office processes, including product sales, spare parts and related matters and are not necessarily equipped to handle specific issues.

Support is delegated to specific support staff who will handle your support task from start to finish.

Current subscription is annually in advance $124.00 including GST and can be ordered by phone, fax, e-mail or online.

Happy traveling

Your Campersat Team