SNIPE Flat Panel Portable Satellite

New Snipes are now out of stock. See on line special refurbished Twin LNB Snipe.

EXCITING NEW FLAT PANEL SATELLITE TECHNOLOGY - originally available in Europe now Units supplied here in Australia for our local conditions.

Twin will operate Austar and Mystar products that have 2 tuners as well as single and twin tuner VAST products.  Systems can be configured to run multiple Pay and VAST products simultaneously

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Fully automatic (automatically searches for the satellite and locks on).
Operates as a fully portable satellite 12v product - just place on a flat surface.
No installation needed - easy to use.
Comes with roof mount kit for vehicle mounting. Simple self-install.
Just add satellite receiver - Pay TV or VAST or both.

Technical Information

  • Equivalent to a 60 cm satellite dish - suitable for use within the main satellite footprint area within Australia (refer to Snipe PDF file for details of coverage)
  • Operates with a minimum EIRP 50dBw signal
  • Twin model allows 2 tuner receivers to function with Dual Polarity Output with Australian standard wide band 10700 LNB
  • Suitable for use with Foxtel standard or  IQ/Mystar or VAST free-to-air receivers
  • Weight: 9.5 kg (11 kg with roof mount)
  • Dimensions: 454 mm wide x 316 mm deep and 188 mm collapsed
  • Max height operational 422 mm in dimension. 125 mm clearance under when folded down.
  • 240 power pack optional to use in mains-powered situation.






Snipe in usesnipe in use